Pipeline Capital Partners is a seed stage venture capital firm.

Pipeline partners with entrepreneurs building breakout enterprise and consumer technology companies.

Joel Yarmon | Partner

Joel Yarmon is the Founder and Managing Director of Pipeline Capital Partners. On behalf of Pipeline Capital. Joel serves on the boards of Ranker, Inventables, Hippo, and Spiff. Previous successful investments include isocket (NASDAQ:RUBI), Rentjuice (NASDAQ:Z), Vivu (NASDAQ:PLCM), Skyward (NYSE:VZ), Socialtext (acquired by Bedford Funding), Twitch (NASDAQ:AMZN), Cruise (NYSE:GM), Identified (NASDAQ:WDAY), Socialcam (NASDAQ:ADSK), Tripping (acquired by Home2Go), Karmic Labs (acquired by Prepaid Technologies), TOA Technologies (NYSE:ORCL), Vizify (NASDAQ:YHOO), Ribbon (acquired by DailyPay), Alohar Mobile (NASDAQ:AMAP), and Meldium (NASDAQ:LOGM). Combined, these exits represent more than two billion dollars in value creation. Prior to Pipeline, Joel built and led the seed stage venture program at DFJ, Draper Associates, where Joel made founding investments in Twitch, Cruise, and Bitcoin.

Joel began his career at the United States Senate in Washington, DC where he served as Technology Director for the Senate Committee, advising Senators on technology legislation and policy. Joel also co-founded an IT consulting startup, Iceware Technologies, where he specialized in wireless application infrastructure.

Joel has an MBA from Tulane University's Freeman School of Business, and a BA from the University of Puget Sound where he was Captain of their NCAA Ski Team. Joel also studied at the US War College in Washington, DC, and holds a Certificate in Joint Maritime Operations.